Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Camp!

Summer is finally here and we have so many fun crafts and activities planned. Many of you have asked me questions about Summer Camp. I figured that if one person has a question, others might wonder the same thing, so I'll answer a few.

Q: Do we need to send money each week for fieldtrips?

A: No, the activity fee plus your weekly tuition covers all of the fieldtrips and crafts.

Q: Can the children wear flip flops on non-fieldtrip days?

A: Yes, as long as we don't have a problem getting them to keep their shoes on.

Q:What should my child wear on fieldtrips?

A:Until our red A Lil One's shirts come in (probably the first week of June) they should wear any red shirt. After we receive and distribute the ALO shirts, each child must wear one for every fieldtrip. Everyone should have recieved a calendar and there is one posted by the door to the building. Ms. Ashley and I will also try to post reminders the day before each fieldtrip, but it is ultimately your resposibility to make sure your child is prepared for the day's activities.

Q: What time should my child arrive at ALO for fieldtrips?

A: We prefer for the children to be at the center no later than 9 on fieldtrip days. All of our fieldtrips are scheduled during the morning and for most of them we have to leave the daycare by 9:30 to make it to our destination on time. Anyone who has tried to get out the door and on the road with children knows how difficult that can be so just imagine how hard it is to get 20+ children loaded up and out on time. It helps us when everyone is on time and we can get our paperwork done, everyone goes potty and we can load up.
If you can think of anything else that isn't clear, please speak to me at daycare or leave me a comment. Thanks!

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